Meet our Team

Mark Renfer

CEO & Owner

In addition to providing general oversight for the business,
Mark is also the main Account Manager for the largest accounts.
Mark has 30 years in the business and is a material
and application expert in the commodities that require returnable packaging.

Rick Malkowski

Account Manager

Rick has been with AMS since 1996. He has a varied customer base and has expertise in all aspects of automotive packaging including wheel packs. Rick is known well for his program management skills.

Scott McCormick

Account Manager

Scott has been with AMS since 2001, and specializes in powertrain and engine packaging. Scott has a proven track record with his customers and he offers a high level of customer service and product knowledge.

Mike Ryan

Retail Accounts Manager

Mike joined AMS in 2016 and brings over 25 years of experience, and is the head of AMS retail. Using his considerable knowledge of large retail companies, Mike specializes in finding the most effective path for a product to reach storefronts across America.

Nicole Blanchard

Database Manager

Nicole came on board in 2015 after several years experience with scheduling for a large manufacturer. Nicole manages all of the incoming orders for our company and helps with customer service support for all of our staff.

Jay Moore

Field Rep

Jay started with AMS in April of 2019. Jay brings with him many years in steel fabrication and quality oversight, and provides AMS with a solid field problem solver that can offer experience-based guidance in best practices and solutions to assist our customers.

Richelle Renfer

Operations Manager

Richelle started full time at AMS in 2016. Richelle handles all the company accounting and Office Management.